Nintendo at E3: No NX, only Zelda?

Nintendo has announced that, contrary to earlier expectations, there will be no new console reveal at E3 This year. Furthermore, the only game that they will be showing at this monumental show is the new Zelda. This is the same Zelda that is supposedly releasing for both the Wii U and the new NX console, now pushed back to 2017. What does this mean about Nintendo and their plans? I have a few theories.

Now this is nothing but my personal speculation based on a limited view of what’s actually happening, but I don’t think Nintendo itself knows what their plans are. I think Nintendo had a plan, something changed, and now they’re scrambling to get something new put together. I think Nintendo was on the verge of making another terrible mistake and they realized it. Why? Consider this; The NX, whatever its real name will be, has already been announced for a March 2017 release date. That’s only roughly nine months away from now, depending on the exact date it lands. Nine months until release and we’re not seeing any games, we’re not seeing the console, the specs, and there isn’t even an announcement about what exactly the NX will be. This is unheard of with such a short time frame. I wouldn’t be concerned if the plan was to show the new console off at E3, but it’s not coming. They’ve announced, firmly and repeatedly, that the NX will not be there. The only game they will be showing is the Wii U version of the new Zelda. Why would they do this? Because they have nothing to show. There is no product. I believe they’re scrapped their plans and started over realizing that their previous idea was on the verge of releasing a failure, and now they’re making a mad dash for a spring release, just in time for their projections to go out to investors.

The fact that no one is showing games off for the system, and no developers have even talked about their plans (developers reportedly for the most part don’t even have development kits) tells me that their are none. If games do exist, they’re just now being made.

This doesn’t bode well for our Nintendo.

Perhaps they picked up the announcement that the new PS4k is coming, and their new “industry leading” (reportedly) chips will now still be behind the curve with Nintendo releasing another dead in the water piece of dated hardware. Perhaps they realized whatever gimmick they’re cooking up is a mistake. Perhaps they are working with hardware that simply…doesn’t work? I don’t know. But I cannot see a scenario in which all of this makes sense in which Nintendo has their crap together.

On the plus side, perhaps Nintendo is taking their time to produce a quality product that gamers want (a powerful console with a normal controller) and moving away from their previous idea is simply taking more time.

Perhaps, Zelda is just looking really really good and it’s going to change the way we all play games forever. I dunno, but I doubt it. I think this is a desperate attempt to pull attention away from sore spots on the wall.

Again, this is all speculation. But, given Nintendo and their track record as of late, I’m careful about any optimism or hope that I might otherwise apply to an unknown product.




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