TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan isn’t looking so hot

The reviews are rolling in for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, and it’s not good.

When Platinum games, the celebrated studio behind such amazing games as Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising and the recent Transformers: Devastation game, announced their plans to make a game based on our favorite well trained martial artists reptiles, everyone was excited. Their experience with hack and slash games and nearly unanimous praise offered hope that a great Ninja Turtles game could exist. Sadly, that still seems to be a fantasy just out of reach.


With reviews rolling in from personally respected reviewers such as ACG, Digital Foundry, and IGN, the average scores are falling somewhere between an abysmally average 5 and 6.9. Citing complaints like repetitive combat, boring level design, graphics locked at 30 fps even on PC (despite citing the lack of multiplayer to be the result of targeting 60fps), and a horrendously short campaign of around 4-5 hours at the tune of 60 bucks, this is not the game we were hoping for. In fact, reviewers are claiming this to be Platinums worse game ever, and they have cranked out some stinkers in the past.

Many critics target the game with accusations of rush jobs, unfinished development cycles, and even the game being a straight forward cash grab with no intentions of ever making it more.

Being Platinum games, this hits even harder. Knowing what the creators are capable of only adds to the disappointment, with the lingering scent of what could have been blowing through with the wind of new more exciting games.



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