AMD Announces Premium VR Gaming at $199 with the RX 480

AMD is bringing the heat with the just announced RX 480 video card, pushing premium graphics at an incredibly aggressively priced $199.

Launching on June 29th and packing in 4gb (8 gb options available)of video ram with an impressive 5 terflops of computing power the RX 480 is set to be the best priced graphics card capable of true VR gaming. Previously, computers capable of producing a good VR experience would start at around 1000 bucks. This could change all that.

Built around the new 14 nm FinFET manufacturing process the new cards will run faster, cooler, and more efficiently than previous offerings, the new technology is allowing for large jumps in performance while cutting energy consumption. Apparently it’s allowing AMD to bring down the cost of their chips too previous offerings in the 200 dollar range cannot hope to compete with their new chips.

While we will have to wait for reviews to see if the new cards truly hold up to the promises, if they do we’ll be dealing with raw power at entry level prices.

Interestingly, 5 terflops is the same performance target aslo rumored to be in the new Xbox One Scropio said to be announced soon. Dirt cheap chips at powerhouse prices is starting to sound viable.


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