Disney’s Aladdin, The Lion King, and the Jungle Book land on PC

If you’re ready for a “whole new world” of of video game goodness ripped straight from the bowels of the 90’s, you are in luck. GOG.com has announced that Aladdin, The Lion King and the Jungle book were just released on PC. These games, famous with the veterans of gaming, wrap everything you loved about the classic Disney films they’re named from into surprisingly elegant and enjoyable platformers that hold up impressively well.


This, for me, is wonderful. I have these old rock  hopping bundles of fun burned into the deepest regions of my brain from childhood, and the chance to relieve those on PC is one that I cannot pass up. They’re cheap too, retailing for just 10 bucks each, or as they are currently on sale, just 9 smackaroos.


If you never had a chance to play these and you’re a fan of retro games, I certainly recommend checking them out. Especially Aladdin (this is the arguably superior Genesis version by the way), which is one of my absolute favorites. You probably can’t handle The Lion King anyway…that game is intense.

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