‘The Surge’ Is Essentially Bloodborne with Exosuits

It’s not getting a whole lot of attention, but a small game by the same developers that brought us Lords of the Fall has been making the rounds at Gamescon this year, and it’s essentially Bloodborne in Exosuits.

The gameplay shown has most of fundamentals of a SoulsBorne game, stamina meters, slow methodical combat, parries, location based checkpoint/upgrade stations, and a button dedicated to health regeneration. The difference here is the fundamental use of technology. Taking on mechs, other humans in exosuits, and even flying baddies the game drops you in a near future dystopia where you have no other purpose but to survive by stripping your enemies of their hardware, assuming you can kill them first.

It’s from the same people that made Lords of the Fallen, a very Dark Souls like action RPG that was plagued with mediocrity yet still managed a colt following. Hopefully, they’ve learned from their past games and this will turn out to be a bit of a gem. After-all, I’ve always wondered what Dark Souls would be like in the future. Check out the lengthy trailer below to get an idea.




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