Download the Open Beta for Steep, Now

Remember the 90’s, when snowboarding games, BMX games, skateboarding games, snowmobile games, and every other type of extreme sports games were just littered all over the store shelves? Sadly, those days are done. Thankfully, Ubisoft remembers and they’re working on Steep, a snowboarding, skiiing, paragliding, wingsuiting game designed to mend some of those wounds. It’s an open world game that lets you dominate the entire mountain in any way that you wish.

Even better? You can get into the beta to play the yet unreleased game for free, now, for a limited time. It’s on PS4, PC, and the XB1.

All you have to do is follow the links below for your platform of choice. It is worth noting that the download is a massive 16 gb on the Playstation 4. So it might take a bit.

You can thank me later.

PC, Steam

PC, Uplay

Playstation 4

Xbox One

steep game



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