Nintendo Switch Survives a 1000 Foot Drop?


I’ve heard some complaints about the Nintendo Switch and it’s durability. Some say it should have been made of glass, some say aluminum for the body, but now we can all put that to rest now that someone has chucked it from 1000 feet. How’d it do?

First, check out the video below. It’s pretty epic. Hang on though, it’s a bit of a ride.

Did it survive completely unscathed? Well no, but considering only one JoyCon is actually busted up, and the rest of the system is entirely function, I’d say that’s a win. Nintendo is well known for making hardware that’s not only functional, but incredibly tough as well, and this only shows what dedication must have went into drop testing this thing.

So, Switch owners (and potential future owners) rejoice! A small drop here or there isn’t likely to damage your shiny new system, assuming you don’t make a habit out of base jumping with it anyway.



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