Mighty Gunvolt: Burst is the Megaman game I always wanted.

Slipping quietly onto the Nintendo Eshop, Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the terribly titled answer to what Might No.9 should have been, and ode to the classic gameplay of Megaman, reworked for a modern audience. It combines jumping, shooting, and the endless customization of weapons into something that’s actually worth playing.

MGB burst is sort of sequal to Mighty No.9 as it takes place after the events of the game, but also incorporate the Gunvolt Series in some interesting ways. You pick either Beck (Mighty no.9) or Gunvolt (from the Gunvolt series) to embark on two different but similar stories, each with their own twists and story lines. As Beck, you’re going through a simulation, practicing with your new toys, when Gunvolt begins to manipulate the simulation, trapping you inside. I’ll leave the other story a surprise, but it’s outside of the simulation and they play together in interesting ways.

mighty gunvolt burst

The real meat of the game lies in the mechanics. In standard MegaMan/Mighty No.9 style, you choose your level, kill the boss, and move on. The twist here, is progressing comes from building your own weapons via customizations that you find along the way. They’re hidden in the worlds, earned by defeating bosses, and even by completing challenges, which add a huge amount of replay value to the game. You can develop many different weapons from scratch, storing them each in the menus, and change them at will. You can change the size of the weapons, the types of bullets, size and number of the bullets, add curves, ricochet effects, and even special abilities that augment your character. Changing your weapon to fit the environment and enemies add a huge amount of flexibility to the game play, and allows the player to use a huge array of tactics. There is even one that allows you to track down other power ups. The tricky part, is each upgrade requires a different amount of power to use, so enabling larger bullets may require you to lower the total number of on screen shots to be able to equip it, or perhaps to eliminate a special ability. It’s tactical, and you earn a higher threshold as you go, eventually resulting in some really powerful combinations.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Aside from that, the game runs very well, looks fabulous, controls with pinpoint accuracy, and the soundtrack is pretty good too.

For 10 bucks on the Switch store, it’s a steal and offers many hours of game play, especially if you want to (and you will want to) unlock some of the cooler weapon variations. Mighty No.9 may have been a huge disappointment, but this is a real gem.




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