Wha?!? Mega man 11 Announced

A new trailer has arrived, just in time for the Blue Bombers 30th anniversary. Like any age old fan, I decided to sit down and check this new video out, fully prepared to sulk in the grief off loss and mourn the death of Capcom platformers and Mega Man himself. The video rolls and…things get interesting.

The trailer begins with the standard 8 bit art that Capcom has be clinging too, desperate for those nostalgia dollars feels. Shortly after, in a beautiful bait and switch, we’re rewarded for our patience with beautiful, modern visuals and a brand new game. Tight controls? Interesting abilities? Action packed gameplay? Could Capcom actually be pushing out a new, innovative, fun Mega Man game? Let’s hope so. The last time I’ve picked up a Mega Man game that’s been anything other than a disappointment or port was the X series.

Analyzing the trailer, it’s clear that we’ll be seeing the now classic charge shot, jump, slide, and various power ups, along with his trusty sidekick Rush. I’m really digging that the environments and enemies both extend into the third dimension, with cool details like explosions and swinging arms of enemies stretching in the z axis. My only hope is we can drop some of the tropes of the series, like the trial and error path finding through the bosses to find their weaknesses, which only served to artificially lengthen the past games. Perhaps we’ll get something a little more metroidvania? We’ll see.

At this point, my only real concern is the fact that the visuals sort of look like Mighty Number 9, but simply improved upon. Hopefully Capcom isn’t trying to mimic that trash fire.

The game will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Switch sometime in 2018.

Rest assured, I’ll be following this one closely.


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