Warframe is the game Destiny 2 Wants to be

Destiny 2 has its merits. It’s a large, has various worlds with solid gunplay, and there is a lot of loot to grind for. Honestly though, that’s about it. The story is shallow, progress is slow, and unlocks have no meaningful impact on the gameplay. The sequel now costs 60 bucks with only minor improvements to the base game. Warframe, on the other hand, has none of problems, and it’s completely free.


Thonet & Vander Kurbis BT Review

Less known in the U.S., Thonet and Vander is a German company that produces some surprisingly solid audio components. Now that they’re pushing their way into the United States, I finally had the opportunity to pick some up and try them out. This is my review.   Starting with the basics, the Kurbit BTs are…

HP Omen 25 Gaming Monitor Review

The HP Omen 25 is adding some solid competition with the new Omen 25, a budget friendly 144Hz gaming monitor with Freesync, a quick 1 ms response time, a 1080p resolution TN panel, and a wide variety of inputs. How does this aggressively priced monitor hold up in action? This is my review.