Rage 2 Gameplay video drops, with a grain of salt

Rage “gameplay” have finally been shown. However, the footage released does show a disclaimer along the bottom stating that it’s “in engine” and not in game footage, and the action is clearly edited. Take this with a grain of salt, as the visuals and gameplay could be scaled back before the final launch, but for…

RAGE 2 is a thing and looks quite different. Trailer.

RAGE, the somewhat mishandled 2011 shooter from the brilliant people at id software, landed with mixed reception. Even so, it’s managed a sequel. However, based on the trailer that landed today, it’s going to be a very different game from the original. Back when the game originally released, I was one of the seemingly few…

Warframe is the game Destiny 2 Wants to be

Destiny 2 has its merits. It’s a large, has various worlds with solid gunplay, and there is a lot of loot to grind for. Honestly though, that’s about it. The story is shallow, progress is slow, and unlocks have no meaningful impact on the gameplay. The sequel now costs 60 bucks with only minor improvements to the base game. Warframe, on the other hand, has none of problems, and it’s completely free.

My Favorite Games of 2017

2017 has been the year of massive peaks and valleys. From predatory game development trends to innovation and creativity, gaming is a bit of a wonderful mess right now. But, despite the turbulence, there were also some seriously fabulous games released. These are a few of my favorites.